A major facet of Turning Point Community Church’s mission involves outreach work in the local, national, and international communities. Close to home, Pastor John Wagner and the Turning Point family support a variety of Lubbock-area charitable entities and non-profit agencies that share the church’s goals for social and civic betterment. Eradicating hunger, poverty, and suffering with a hands-on approach, both on a small scale and globally, Turning Point donates to an eclectic array of causes that include fair trade champion Trade as One and inmate rehabilitation project Simple Acts Ministry. Pastor Wagner and his congregation also back the children’s advocacy organizations Compassion International, New Missions, Hello Somebody, and World Vision.

Pastor John Wagner has devoted much of his career toward facilitating missionary work overseas and continues to do so whenever his schedule allows. Recently returned from a philanthropic journey to the Ukraine, Pastor Wagner and the Turning Point family additionally completed a fundraising endeavor on behalf of charity: water that brought a clean water supply to a village of 250 residents who formerly lacked a functional well.

The Pastor remains focused on missionary service in partnership with the Turning Point family and invites all interested parties to check this website regularly for updates and news.

When John Wagner began his tenure as Lead Pastor of Turning Point Community Church in April 2010, he became part of a diverse congregation bonded together by a deeply held respect for Christ’s teachings. Welcomed into an environment where young and old alike strive to positively impact our world one good deed at a time, Pastor Wagner proudly leads Turning Point’s weekly worship program with a primary focus on the transformational power of God’s love. Although theology and religious ideals inform the topical sermons he delivers to a considerable degree, Pastor John Wagner aims to inspire hope and graciousness through celebration, an approach that sets Turning Point apart as a particularly forward-thinking Christian organization. A contemporary house of worship where all are encouraged to express their spiritual devotion with enthusiasm, the church has grown to become one of Texas’ most influential thanks to Pastor Wagner’s unique leadership style.

Each week, the Turning Point congregation gathers for a lively service lasting approximately 75 minutes. Aside from Pastor John Wagner’s engaging sermons in which he discusses topics such as biblical history, the Holy Trinity, salvation, the sovereignty of God, prayer practices, and more, Sunday worship at the church incorporates the talents of a live band whose music extends a meaningful and revelatory message. In conjunction with regular worship sessions, Turning Point offers a wide variety of community group options for children, adolescents, and adults, each one developed with the primary intent of facilitating genuine fellowship among participants.

Leveraging a thoughtfully designed, age-appropriate curriculum to educate young children in a fun and creative atmosphere, Turning Point’s early learning programs StartingPoint and KidsPoint take place during normal worship hours under the supervision of well-trained volunteers, all of whom have undergone background checks to ensure each child’s complete safety. Equipping boys and girls with the knowledge to grow and flourish emotionally and intellectually, the church is able to further support families thanks to four unique community groups that specifically target the needs of married couples. Comprised of couples in their late twenties or early thirties who have recently started a family or are planning on doing so in the near future, Toddle on Down meets each Sunday in a private residence. For parents seeking kinship and an expanded social network, Turning Point congregants Gerald and Wendy Miller have generously organized a Parents with Young Children group. Rounding out the church’s selection of family-friendly groups, Married… with Children and Two by Two each meet at a convenient time at least once a month and usually end no later than 8:30 p.m.

Other Turning Point community groups include Adult Bible Study, Empty Nesters, Ladies Bible Study, Men’s Breakfast, The Mission of Motherhood, and The Harbor, a potluck-style weekly event for single or married adults age 40 or older. Lastly, individuals in their late teens or twenties, whether enrolled in college or pursuing a blossoming career, can gain new social and professional insight by signing up for a special Turning Point get-together at the Pratt House held each Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

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