About Pastor John Wagner

A dedicated man of faith and gifted public speaker with more than 25 years of experience in vocational ministry, John Wagner currently serves as Lead Pastor of Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas. Stepping into this role in 2010, Pastor Wagner undertakes a wide range of responsibilities that emphasize his strong commitment to charitable giving and community service. In his position at the helm of Turning Point Community Church, Pastor John Wagner devotes a considerable amount of time and energy towards cultivating mutually beneficial relationships with local, national, and international non-profit initiatives. Aside from encouraging congregants in their efforts to better the lives of those in need through actionable engagement, he collaborates with a number of groups that fight human trafficking and facilitate disaster relief efforts abroad.

In addition to his pastoral work at Turning Point, John Wagner acts as Apostolic Team Leader for Covenant Ministries International (CMI), a global Christian organization with a membership base of more than 1,500 spiritual leaders. Traveling regularly to deliver sermons before a worldwide audience, Pastor Wagner has shared his words, vision, and reverence for God’s teachings with more than 100 congregations in the United States, Italy, Austria, Germany, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Pastor John Wagner also played an integral role in designing courses for the Faith Fellowship Ministries’ educational curriculum. Involved with the Faith Fellowship Ministries World Outreach Center since the late 1980s, Pastor John Wagner earned his Master of Arts in Theology and Religion from the Honolulu University in 1989, although he had received ordination through Covenant Ministries International a year prior. He moved on to establish his own itinerant-minister service in 1991 and subsequently joined Orlando-headquartered Discovery Church as Executive Pastor. Overseeing a congregation of 4,500, Pastor Wagner eventually accepted a position with Faith Church in New Milford, Connecticut. Wagner functioned as Faith Church’s Executive and Teaching Pastor from 2007 to 2010.

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