Growing a church congregation requires a mix of faith, dedication, and hard work. More than anything else, however, outreach efforts play the most important role. According to research, most congregation members flock to churches that are visible in the greater community. In other words, this means that a church’s popularity is directly proportional to its outreach efforts.

Outreach can take on multiple forms, including word-of-mouth recommendations from existing members, hosting fun events for the community, or advertising to get the word out about the church and its service times. It is important to clarify and customize the right message during outreach efforts in order to effectively connect with the audience. This means that soliciting feedback from current members is a critical element in finding potential new members.

Another way to spread the word about your church is by encouraging members to engage in community activities. Once church members are involved in the community, the networking effect generally takes over. Satisfied and happy church members automatically want to spread the word to their friends, and the constant influx of new members perpetually renews and refreshes the congregation.

About the Author: Pastor John Wagner has led several outreach efforts at various churches. At a former church, he grew the congregation from 35 members to more than 6,000 members in 10 years.