Pastor John Wagner has served in pastoral ministry positions at churches across the United States since beginning his career in 1987. Currently leading Turning Point Community Church in Lubbock, Texas, he seeks to bring the word of God to church attendees in a creative, refreshing, but poignant manner. Pastor John Wagner is also an Apostolic Team Leader for Covenant Ministries International (CMI).

The mission and purpose of CMI is to support the growth and development of Christian ministries around the world with counsel, prayer, and instruction. With a network of over 1,400 members spread across 99 different countries, CMI seeks to engage churches as well as their leadership in the expansion and deepening of their relationships with Jesus Christ. With regular training sessions and conferences, the organization can continually bring new ideas to church organizers and be a resource for pastors to further connect with their membership. Additionally, CMI offers pastors the opportunity to participate in international mission trips.