A major facet of Turning Point Community Church’s mission involves outreach work in the local, national, and international communities. Close to home, Pastor John Wagner and the Turning Point family support a variety of Lubbock-area charitable entities and non-profit agencies that share the church’s goals for social and civic betterment. Eradicating hunger, poverty, and suffering with a hands-on approach, both on a small scale and globally, Turning Point donates to an eclectic array of causes that include fair trade champion Trade as One and inmate rehabilitation project Simple Acts Ministry. Pastor Wagner and his congregation also back the children’s advocacy organizations Compassion International, New Missions, Hello Somebody, and World Vision.

Pastor John Wagner has devoted much of his career toward facilitating missionary work overseas and continues to do so whenever his schedule allows. Recently returned from a philanthropic journey to the Ukraine, Pastor Wagner and the Turning Point family additionally completed a fundraising endeavor on behalf of charity: water that brought a clean water supply to a village of 250 residents who formerly lacked a functional well.

The Pastor remains focused on missionary service in partnership with the Turning Point family and invites all interested parties to check this website regularly for updates and news.