As Apostolic Team leader, John Wagner assists Covenant Ministries International, a fellowship of more than 1,300 faith leaders based in nearly 100 nations. Further, he acts as lead pastor for Turning Point Community Church, a Christian establishment that conducts leading-edge contemporary worship services.

According to a paper published by The Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership (CCSP), many more churches adopted new and contemporary worship modes over the last several years. Innovations including drums, projection screens, and live music appear to attract young churchgoers. The CCSP report drew on responses from more than 11,000 randomly surveyed congregations.

The CCSP also discovered that, historically, African American denominations lead in contemporary worship innovation. Further, though Sunday morning still ranks as the most prominent church attendance time, many chapels have introduced evening services to accommodate large congregations. Despite the above, churches reported a slow pace of change, with more than half claiming to have not modified their worship style in many years.

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